Church Overview:

St. Mary’s and St Jude Orthodox Syrian Church, Kazhakootam (Kazhakuttom) is a parish under the Thiruvananthapuram diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. This church was founded 2 years back as a chapel. The Diocesan Bishop H.G.Dr. Gabriel Mar Greegorious declared it as a Parish in August 2011 and appointed Very Rev. Joseph Samuel Karukayil Cor-Episcopa as the founder vicar.

OUR VICAR : Very Rev. Joseph Samuel Karukayil Cor-Episcopa.

St. Mary’s and St Jude Orthodox Syrian Church provides opportunities for people to worship God. Our worship includes praise, thanksgiving, confession, petition, reading of the Scriptures, and dedication. The Holy Eucharist is offered every Sunday in Malayalam and all the faithful are encouraged to take part in it. The church has St. Mary’s League, Youth League and Sunday school and regularly conducts Bible study classes, retreats, evangelistic meetings, social and charitable activities.

The Indian Orthodox Church: The Indian Orthodox Church (also known as Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Orthodox Syrian Church of the East), is   a prominent member of the Oriental Orthodox Churches family. The Church traces its origins to St. Thomas the Apostle, who came to India in AD 52. St Thomas preached the gospel, established 7 parishes in Kerala in Southern India and ordained priests. Christian writers and representatives of the Churches, from the 4 th century refer to the evangelistic labours of St. Thomas in India, during the first century.

Official name of the Indian Orthodox Church – Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church – can be explained as: ‘Malankara’ is another name for Kerala, ‘Orthodox’ is the category of Christian faith and tradition it follows (distinguishes it from the Roman Catholic and Protestant faiths), and ‘Syrian’ comes from the Syriac language which was the liturgical language of the church for centuries. The church which St Thomas established remained as a strong community within Kerala for 19 centuries, without expanding itself to other parts of India.

OUR PATRON: H.H. Baselius Mar Thoma Paulose II

The Church has its head quarters at Kottayam, Kerala. The present head of the Indian Orthodox church is H.H. Baselius Mar Thoma Paulose II. The official title of the head of the Church is “the Catholicos of the East seated on the throne of St Thomas and the Malankara Metropolitan”. The Church is ruled and governed by the Church Constitution of 1934. True to the orthodox Christian tradition, the Indian Orthodox Church employs an administrative system which is a perfect blend of episcopacy and democracy.From the early parts of the 20 th century, as many people migrated to other parts of India, parishes started coming up all over India. As a result, the Church is presently known as Indian Orthodox Church. Now the Church has dioceses and parishes in most parts of India as well as in other parts of the world where Keralites are migrated. The Church entered into a new phase of its history by the establishment of the Catholicate in 1912. At present the Church is using the West Syrian liturgy. The faith of the Church is that which was established by the three Ecumenical Councils of Nicea (A.D. 325), Constantinople (A.D. 381) and Ephesus (A.D. 431).

The Church is in communion with the other Oriental Orthodox Churches namely, Antiochene, Alexandrian, Armenian, Eritrean and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches. The Church is in good ecumenical relationship with the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches. At present the Church has over 2 million faithful with 24 dioceses all over the world.